The Benefits of Custom Mouthguards


At Mobile Mouthguards we provide a tailor-made, high quality alternative to boil and bite, over-the-counter mouthguard products. Our mouthguards are designed and fabricated to perfectly fit your needs, your requirements and above all, your mouth.

As one of the leading suppliers of custom mouthguards in Australia, we use the latest thermoforming technology to ensure you stay protected on the field, on the court or in the ring. The team at Mobile Mouthguards have you covered.

  • Our mouthguards are made on an individual model of your teeth, ensuring the highest accuracy and best possible fit.
  • Our mouthguards provide up to 10 times the protection of ‘boil and bite’ type mouthguards.
  • Our mouthguards offer a superior fit, comfort and protection that does not hinder breathing or speech.
  • Our mouthguards are made of the finest materials using state of the art equipment.
  • Our mouthguards are pressure laminated ensuring better structural rigidity, better longitude stability and less stress concentration.
  • Our mouthguards come in a wide variety of colours and designs, fully personalised and designed by you.
  • Our mouthguards are redeemable on private health insurance.
  • Our mouthguards are handmade by qualified dental technicians and issued by a qualified Medical Practitioner.
  • We cater for all sports, all ages and all levels of competition.
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