Mouthguards For Braces:

Custom Mouthguards For Braces:

Protect Your Smile

Playing your favourite sport shouldn’t come at the cost of a damaged smile, especially when you’re wearing braces…

Traditional “boil & bite” mouthguards often don’t provide a comfortable or secure fit for braces, thus leaving you vulnerable to injuries – which is where Mobile Mouthguards come in!

We offer custom mouthguards for braces, providing you with the ultimate protection and comfort during any activity.

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The Importance of a Good Mouthguard for Braces

Braces play a crucial role in straightening your teeth, but they can also make them more susceptible to damage during sports or physical activities. Here’s why a good mouth guard for braces is essential:

Impact Protection

Impact Protection

A mouth guard acts as a shock absorber, cushioning blows to the face and minimising the risk of chipped, cracked, or even knocked-out teeth, including those with braces attached.

Reduces Braces Damage

Reduces Braces Damage

A well-fitted mouth guard distributes impact force around the mouth, reducing the risk of damage to your braces and brackets.

Protects Lips, Tongue, and Jaw

Protects Lips, Tongue, and Jaw

Mouthguards create a barrier between your teeth and soft tissues, preventing cuts, bruises, and jaw injuries.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Knowing your smile is protected can boost your confidence and allow you to focus on your game absent any worries!


Below are some frequently asked questions. Can’t find the info you’re after? Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss your needs.

How Does a Custom Mouth Guard Protect Teeth with Braces?

Our custom mouthguards for braces are specifically designed to fit snugly around your teeth and braces, creating a comfortable and secure barrier.

The high-quality materials absorb and distribute the impact of a blow, thus minimising the risk of damage to both your teeth and braces.

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What Makes Our Mouthguards for Braces the Best Choice in Australia?

Mobile Mouthguards offer several advantages! Here’s why you should always go custom:

  • Custom Fit: We use a quick and easy impression process to create a mouthguard for braces that perfectly conforms to the unique shape of your mouth and braces, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure fit.
  • High-Quality Materials: Our mouthguards are made from durable, medical-grade materials that are comfortable to wear and provide excellent protection.
  • Multiple Colours: Choose from a variety of colours to express your individuality!
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Our mouthguards for braces are easy to care for, ensuring long-lasting hygiene and performance.

Australian Made: We take pride in supporting Australian manufacturing, and you can be confident in the quality and craftsmanship

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