Kids Sport Mouthguards

The Ultimate Protection For Sports And Play

At Mobile Mouthguards, we specialise in providing high-quality kids mouthguards that offer ultimate protection, empowering your child to participate in their favourite activities with even greater confidence!

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How to Choose the Perfect Mouthguard for Your Child?

Choosing the right mouth guard for kids is essential for their safety and comfort. Consider the following before rushing in:

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    Age-appropriate size

Ensure the mouth guard is specifically designed for children.

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    Level of protection

 Look for mouthguards that offer ample shock absorption and coverage for your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw.

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    Custom-fit option

Opt for a custom-fit junior mouth guard to ensure the highest level of comfort and stability (see how it works)

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Ensuring Comfort and Safety: The Importance of Youth Mouthguards

Youth mouthguards play a vital role in protecting your child’s dental health. Here’s why:

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    Dental injury prevention

Youth mouthguards act as a barrier, reducing the risk of tooth fractures, jaw injuries, and soft tissue damage caused by impacts during sports activities.

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    Customised fit

A custom-fit mouth guard ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing your child to focus on their performance without discomfort or distraction.

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Caring for Your Child's Mouth guard: Tips and Best Practices

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If you can’t find the information you need in the FAQ section below, please feel free to contact us today – we’re always happy to help!


At what age should my child start wearing a mouth guard?

We recommend children start wearing mouthguards as soon as they begin participating in sports or activities that pose a risk of dental injuries (around 6 or 7).

Can my child personalise their mouth guard?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of colours and designs that kids will love.

How long will a kid's mouth guard last?

The lifespan of a kid’s mouth guard depends on the child’s growth and usage. Regularly check the mouth guard for signs of wear and replace when necessary.

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